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Specializes in Masala Powders and Powdered Spices Chaitanya home industries was established in the year 1978 by its founder cook Krishna Bhat under the brand name Grahini. With humble beginning the company under the entrepreneurship of cook Krishna Bhat have been fulfilling the need of customers ever since.

Manufacturer of best quality
sambar, rasam & all kind of masala

Our reputation for unparalleled quality and traditional flavors ensures every meal honors the rich heritage of South India.

Our masala products honor the classic ingredients and homegrown Indian culinary recipes. We bring India’s vibrant and beloved traditional flavors from farm to table.

We are on a mission to rediscover, revive, and bring every flavorful masala product, every cherished traditional and bygone recipe from India’s diverse culinary heritage to you.

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Masala delights and savory treats for joyful gatherings, tea breaks, and festive occasions


Rich and tangy taste

"I've been using Ghrihini's Rasam powder for a few months now, and it has completely transformed my cooking. The aroma is incredibly authentic, and the flavor is unmatched. My family loves the rich and tangy taste it brings to our meals. It's a must-have in my kitchen!"

Priya S

Delicious Rasam

"Being a South Indian, I've always been particular about the taste of Rasam. Ghrihini's Rasam powder captures the traditional essence perfectly. The spice blend is spot on, and it makes preparing delicious Rasam so easy and quick. Highly recommended!"

Ramesh K

Rich flavour

"I've tried many brands of chilli powder, but Ghrihini's stands out. The quality is unmatched, and it has a wonderful, rich flavour that enhances all my recipes. Whether it's for a curry or a simple stir-fry, this chilli powder never disappoints."


Aromatic and delicious

"Ghrihini's Pulav Masala has transformed my pulav recipes! The blend of spices is perfect, giving my dishes an authentic and rich flavor. My family loves the aromatic and delicious pulavs I make now, and it's all thanks to Ghrihini!"

Neha Kadri

Game Changer

"Ghrihini's Garam Masala is a game-changer for my cooking. The blend of spices is so well-balanced and aromatic, it elevates every dish I make. From curries to biryanis, this garam masala adds the perfect touch of flavor. It's an essential in my kitchen!"

Maeena Shetty

About Us

Krishna Bhat is a renowned chef and mentor with 20 years of experience in the food industry. He is well-known in South Karnataka and highly respected for his unique recipes and deep understanding of the region's culinary preferences. Through his intuitive mastery of spices and mixes, he has created flavours that are cherished throughout southern India.

All our masalas and mixes are crafted under his leadership and mentorship of our formulators and researchers. Over the years, Krishna Bhat has become a household name, known for his visionary insight into the various food products we offer.

“Cooking comes naturally to me. I’ve been around kitchens my whole life.”



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